Zellie’s Opry House


Welcome to Zellie’s Opry House where the musical tradition of Tennessee’s Ryman Auditorium, Home of the Grand Ole Opry, is being kept alive in Howard City, Michigan.  Like the Ryman Auditorium, Zellie’s Opry House originally began as a church.  Built in the 1860’s, through the years the building has experienced change; however, original architectural details remain evident, including the wooden pew seating in the auditorium.   

Fiddles, banjos, and mandolins echo the high lonesome sound of Bill Monroe’s traditional bluegrass throughout the auditorium, along with the classic country songs of Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn, and other  legendary Grand Ole Opry performers.   

Zellie’s Saturday Night Stars Concerts boast special music evenings focusing on one genre, performer, or musical group.  Indulge in an evening of all bluegrass or just classic country or perhaps the gospel sounds which stir the soul.  Check the schedule for Zellie’s Saturday Night Stars Concerts. 

Periodically, special events such as Open Jam/Open Mic will include on-stage entertainment featuring a variety of musical genres. The lower level of Zellie’s Opry House provides plenty of “jamming” space for all musicianship levels.  Dust off your old guitar, dig Grandpa Jack’s fiddle out of the attic, or put new strings on Uncle Emmett’s banjo and join in the fun during these special events.

Zellie’s Opry House . . . from the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the north country . . . keeping a musical tradition alive. 

Welcome to Zellie’s Opry House

. . . a style of music from the southern United States, usually played on fiddle, banjo, guitar, or mandolin . . . featuring close harmony and instrumental solos . . .  Americana roots music . . . three-part harmony with that high lonesome sound . . . traditional “old-tyme” music echoing through the Appalachias . . .